It is compiled by Captain Bonnet, and you may closed by him, Chief Troubridge, and the Language Governor

All of the rest had been lieutenants

‘That the new troops, c., owned by their Britannick Majesty will begin using their arms of the form, or take its vessels off, in the event that stored, and stay provided by such as others once the may be wanting; from inside the idea from which it is engaged on their part one to the latest boats of one’s British squadron, today before it, shall by no means molest the town any way, otherwise all islands on Canaries, and you will inmates are abadndoned both sides.

‘This over, Head Samuel Hood is actually escorted back into their boys by those who had used your into the Citadel.

‘At which time a different sort of experience took place on water. B.Meters.’s the reason ship Theseus, carrying the trunk-Admiral’s flag, and another of your own frigates was swept of the latest so you can opposite this new area regarding San Andres. [Footnote: A beneficial gorge lying on the northern of your town, for instance the ‘Valle Seco’ in addition to Bufadero.] From its martello-tower the fresh Lieutenant of Artillery Don Josef Feo fired abreast of him or her having such as accuracy one to almost every attempt told, the brand new Theseus losing a great yardarm and you may a wire, She replied that have sundry broadsides, whilst bomb-ketch, which in fact had got into status, released some ten shells, yet was thus maltreated, one-man are killed and another injured, you to definitely she try often crippled or hoisted onboard because of the opponent.

‘When the latest terms of truce was indeed settled, the English soldiers marched inside the line outside of the convent; and you will, attaining the bridge of Barranquillo del Aceyte, discharged its bits floating around. Up coming having shouldered hands and you can electric guitar overcoming it designed for new Mole, passageway facing all of our troops as well as the newest French auxiliaries, who’d molded a keen oblong square in the great nearby mall trailing the fresh Citadel, out of whose patio our very own chief watched them.

‘When Captain Bonnet all of a sudden sighted their implacable enemies the brand new French, he gave solution to a break out of anger and you may unlawful exclamations, and he even produced a proposition that may possess revived hostilities had he don’t provide fast pleasure. He currently admitted to having went too far and you may revived his protestations to keep the new criteria off serenity.

The new squadron, sure of the inability of the decide to try, started initially to get less than ways: currently H

‘Boats as well as 2 brigantines (area pastime) was in fact had ready to receive the United kingdom soldiers on Mole. At the same time the Commandant-Standard purchased all of them are given large drink and food away from dough and you may drink, a large work and therefore amazed them no less than the new generosity shown to its injured from the officials of the hospital. It hardly know how exactly to show their sense of a prescription thus unlike what they had expected. During their sail away from Cadiz its officers, looking to cause them to battle the greater, advised her or him that the Canarians were good ferocious competition who never ever gave one-fourth on the conquered.

‘Our master acceptance the british officials to dine which have him one time. It exempt themselves for the plea that they have to manage their males, upon which your wine got taken an effective effect, and you can deferred they before the morrow. Nonetheless they available to become bearers of one’s tidings announcing all of our triumph and also to bring in order to The country of spain all of the characters entrusted in order to its worry. All of our chief did not think twice to invest in their charges, not as much as parole, their certified despatches towards Top; as well as the brand new communication is actually couched when it comes very ingenuous one to possibly the enemy could not but honor a whole lot moderation.

‘During the course throughout the day the fresh new English lso are-embarked, influence which have a dating cuban protector out-of honour the corpses from Master Bowen as well as several other officer out of review. [Footnote: This really is fantastic. Master Richard Bowen, ‘than whom a more enterprising, ready, and gallant manager will not grace H.M.’s the reason naval solution,’ is the only real loss of any issues. ] It (exactly who?) had stripped away from his laced finish when he ended in the a great mobile of Santo Domingo convent, [Footnote: In Foreign language two saints claim brand new title ‘Santo,’ viz. Domingo and you will Thomas: most of the rest are ‘San.’] disfigured their deal with, and you will clothed your because the a good sailor. Brand new wounded, twenty-a couple from inside the matter, didn’t hop out a medical facility right up until following day: among them was Lieutenant Robinson about agonies of passing.

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