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They act with a sense of urgency and provide superb, timely service in a straightforward and ethical manner. Operating in a dynamic and often rapidly changing environment, the Convoy team has always remained flexible and often reacted on short notice. I would enthusiastically recommend Convoy Logistics to anyone who is looking for honesty, integrity and outstanding transportation services at a competitive price.

logistics company testimonials

I trust Freightera to find the best delivery service for me across North America. It’s nice to have someone I trust to handle the back end for me while I keep selling. Freightera has helped streamline my LTL shipping.

We stumbled and bumbled along like this for a while, until I was able to call Matchmaker Logistics to come to our rescue. We have been using American Shipping as our import broker for many years, and have found them to be very efficient and economical.

Good Logistics

We have used other companies in the past with varied results. The Freightera team actually cared as much about the delivery as our company did. If you want to get trucking quotes without going to several different companies to do that so you can compare pricing, here is the place to go. Great communication with everyone, easy https://www.pinterest.com/uss_express_reviews/ to use site, product picked up on time and arrived at the delivery address with no issues. We have used Convoy Logistics for many years and they have always provided top notch customer service. Convoy takes a proactive approach to understanding our business and our customers, and that makes them a valuable business partner.

Convoy’s ability to meet and exceed expectations has truly set them apart from their competition. Working closely with our customers comes as second nature. Our whole operation is about integrating our business with yours to create that seamless transition down the supply chain, providing exceptional quality every step of the way. We see our relationships with our clients as partnerships, working together as one team to achieve one common goal and focusing on the same priorities. Even though we had some difficulties with the trucking company, Freightera was very helpful to assist until shipment arrived.

We made our first shipment with Freightera; booked last week and picked up today. We saved our customer more than 50% of their shipping by using this service and they were blown away. The interface was simple and fast and made it easy to book the shipment. We’ll be using Freightera anytime we can in the future. I worked with Freightera for a small shipment and they made a really good job.

Rcs Logistics, Committed To Continuous Improvement Through Workforce Development

A great service that gives you confidence knowing you are getting the best price. We will definitely do more business together in the future. Thank you and your organization for the professional approach to working together. Lessen the time uss shipping required to submit a claim. Employees are no longer leaving their jobs to phone in a claim as they can now use CIP Reporting’s web interface — saving tremendous time. Would you like the very latest news delivered directly into your inbox?

Also very accommodating even through our rapid and complex growth. Mitchell’sNY Logistics has been the backbone to the Wellfare movement from day one. Optimize the risk-management team’s time as they are now focused on higher-value work. The team is no longer spending their time documenting claims; they are now focused on identifying uss express apply for jobs potential risk areas and implementing preventative measures. We could not be more pleased with the service provided by the dedicated staff at Convoy Logistics. They are at the top of our list when it comes to transportation companies we can trust. I highly recommend them as a company and as transportation specialists.

The Team Was Tasked With Establishing Walmarts Endcap And Sidekick

We are impressed with the level of service. I hope the remainder will be the same with the delivery of the product. We are a small business and having purchased some equipment https://kellerlogistics.com/ from USA were looking to ship it to Burnaby, BC. We don’t have any experience in shipping and didn’t need any. Using Freightera was very straightforward, simple and fast.

Benchmark your freight rates, find savings opportunities, and negotiate with more confidence. https://www.manta.com/c/mk23qrm/uss-express-delivery-llc-reviews The people at Freedom Trans Dedicated are very knowledgeable and friendly.

Superlative Service From The Superheroes Of Shipping

These case studies provide even more information on how we add value for our client’s businesses worldwide. From retail to lifestyle and from high-tech to MedTec – here are just a few of the many https://www.bbb.org/us/fl/oakland-park/profile/delivery-service/uss-express-delivery-llc-0633-90605509 stories that will help you to see what a difference partnering with SEKO can make. “I’ve been working with Matchmaker Logistics for a long time–since dinosaurs roamed the earth, I like to joke.

Naturally, I tipped them but wanted to give them more…they deserved 50 each but I didn’t know they would be so great…very nice people. Very fast feedback on our enquiries every time. “Our company mines Bentonite clay for use in a number of commercial products. Freightera has helped our company C & C Alianza Services Inc and Modern Butcher Supply to save freight cost in so many ways… We totally recommend Freightera to anyone who wants to be in control of their transportation spending. It was our first time shipping from the USA to Canada and they were the best quote for our shipment. Professional, transparent & easy to work with.

Flex Structure was able to deliver these much needed TempWalls to Interior Health’s Pandemic Assessment centre in Kelowna. The team at Mitchell’sNY Logistics are our go to. They handle the intensity of schedule and sensitivity of the work we have, during Fashion Week as well as the rest of the year, with professionalism and a great attitude.

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